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Industrial Strength Electric Vehicles

Industrial EV Commercial Vehicles for heavy duty use

Replaceable Batteries

Range Assessment

It's Not a Conversion

Our full battery electric EV79 is an industry leader, offering a wide range of battery capacity options, ranging from a substantial 65 kW to an impressive 165 kW.

Covering everything from the power plug to the axles. Our manufacturing process includes top-notch frame strengthening, robust industrial corrosion protection, and the use of high-quality major OEM supplied components. This approach ensures the durability and longevity of our vehicles, with spare and service parts readily available, even in remote locations.</span>

Our trucks offer complete customization options and come equipped with industry-standard safety features, making them suitable for performance on any site around the world

What sets us apart is the ease of operation, with user-friendly controls and an intuitive design. Switching from diesel-powered vehicles to our electric trucks is a quick and safe transition. The inclusion of large, easy-to-read gauges provides operators with vital information at a glance.

Rugged Power Plant

Our motor and battery systems feature an internal thermal management system that delivers stable and reliable performance no matter what the weather condition.

The robust frame support system ensures superior protection for delicate electrical components and incorporates built-in skid plates for added safeguarding. The motor and battery systems boast a design capable of enduring over 8000 cycles, providing a service life of 20 years with minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, the inclusion of a full-time drive system effectively prevents free-wheeling, ensuring continuous control and safety in operation.

The battery and motors are sealed for dust and water immersion to IP 6k9k, and comply with ANSI standards for shock, vibration, impact and drop resistance.

Any user serviceable components are housed in separate compartments for isolation and convenience. Dramatic payback on costs of maintenance can result in a cost differential break-even in as little as 2 years or less with government incentives.

Using the Industry's Best

Using race proven off-road components as standard, Emission EV builds trucks to LAST.

Proven names such as ARB, Eaton, Harrop, RCV, Yukon Gear and more are prominently featured in every vehicle to beef-up the weak links in the drive train to ensure a long lasting vehicle with a minimum of down-time. Our axles include RCV shafts, Yukon cryogenically treated gear sets, and Harrop chromoly differential lockers to handle the massive torque that electric drive systems can produce.

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Our training and deployment teams can arrange for a site trial at locations near most major metropolitan destinations in North America. Dedicated training is included with every purchase

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